Other 3D Design Work …

Graphics & Branding for Mathmos Airswitch Genie. Suggested packaging for product and also artwork includes the Mathmos Logo. Animated in Adobe Flash, Created in Adobe Illustrator. Mixture of Vector and raster imagery.

Airswitch Genie. Lighting Concept: 1 Concept for Mathmos a client which utilised their airswitch technology. The form of thep roduct represents the magical technology within the lamp. You can dim and switch the lamp on and off using your hand without even touching the lamp. Small concept pictured on the left for nightables. Final Design in Green on the right.

Airswitch Genie. Concept: 3 - Floor standing model. Two part enclosure for easy access to bulb. Right Final Blue Genie Design. Materials mouth blown glass.

Final Presentation board for Mathmos Airswith Genie concept.

Crystalight is an innovative candlelight that is designed from the ground up to reflect the candle's flickering flame. When off Crystalight appears as a sleek chrome tower however when it is on Crystalight becomes a tower of flickering flames.

Final presentation board and closeup shot of the flickering flame. Prototype exhibited at 100% East at the Truman Brewery.

Levitate. More details soonish ...

Brandy open glass shade designed for bars and clubs based on the traditional shade. Will be luanched 2007 along with a brandy chandelier.

Gele - Innovative Seating- 2m wide in diameter. Materials perspex and also technogel interior.